8 week update


Bench Warmer
since my surgery. getting stronger everyday. no more pain in my back but i have major pain in leg and one leg swells up everyday. doc said to wrap my calf cause it feels like i was standing on my toes all day playing basketball, that took a bit of pressure off my leg but wrapped the calf too tight and my leg swelled up, woops :doh::doh:

he's thinking i did a lot more nerve damage than we had originally thought. he thinks i'm standing too much, which is probably true but next month i am working 4 days a week instead of 5 and 6, so hopefully having a few extra days off will help reduce the swelling. he wants me to lay down and put my feet up once i get home, but that is only a dream cause i refuse to do that. leg feels ok but once i slow down, it sucks majorly.

i get to stand out in the rain all day tomorrow at work, but it could be worse, i could be stuck in a booth with Urine Girl. I talked to the girl that worked in the booth the day after me and she said the lysol helped but it still smelled the next day.


not sure if I should say good to hear, or sorry to hear. Either way, hopefully that doc is wrong. I swear the nerves take longer to heal than anything.

I once dated Urine girl, though I'm pretty sure she was named such for completely different reasons.


Bench Warmer
well aparently standing on my foot for 6 1/2 hrs was not what the doc had in mind, thank god for cruise control. i couldn't even push the gas pedal on the way home my leg was killing me so much.

i am expecting to have shin splints of some sort tomorrow, and lucky me i have a 75 mile drive to work on monday and a 75 mile drive home on possibly the most dangerous road in the state :doh::doh::doh:

i hope if i lay around all day tomorrow, that my legs won't be so bad. i tried to wrap my calf this morning before work, hoping that something with pressure would help, but to no avail, didnt' work.

my ankle is swollen, toes are too, can't even put all my weight on my right leg. guess when i see my doc in 2 weeks we are going to have more to talk about