63rd D-Day Anniversary


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63 years ago yesterday - the Greatest Generation's defining moment.




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Makes me want to go watch Band of Brothers once again.

Both by grandfather and great uncle were in the RAF, the great uncle having a bullet graze his skull as he was being shot down. Both lived to have some pretty great stories.


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My Mother served in WWII in the Pacific Theatre as a WAC, before that, she helped build B-24's. Did not have any relatives in D-Day, but it was always a topic of discussion in my family.


Sorry if this is a bit late. I try and keep out of trouble, so I don't go into this sub that much.


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My Grandpa fought in Okinawa and the Pacific, he had some crazy tales.

Great pic of the event, takes some serious stones to storm those beaches :salut::salut::salut::salut::salut: