4th Annual Booya Grandma FFL!


Bench Warmer
Yahoo FFLs open registering on Tuesday. We're starting the search to fill some holes early. We'll have some spots open again, and will be eliminating the dead weights from last year. It's free, no bets, but it is competitive! Send me a PM if you're interested (if we have PMs here, I haven't checked.) You're better off e-mailing me though: ryanmellick@hotmail.com.

If the following people, if they're around, could let me know if they want back in, that'd be swell:


Thanks guys!:salut:
yes we have PMs here, just click on the user name and you should get a 4 bar options to perform...and i was in this a few years back, not sure if i made it in last year, but id be interested :salut:
Cool, Man.

But, How the hell do you have 417 posts already? Yeesh.

they brought me in as a mod, like 3 hours before they opened it up to everyone, currnetly not doing anything...schools out for summer, i dont have a job, so yeah...and ive probably had close to 100 pms here
Ryan was I in that one ? If so lmk when everything is up and running so I can save one of my Yahoo teams. Thanks.