$42 takes this new fb lot ..........


Bench Warmer
$42 paypal takes this new fb lot:

-07 gridiron gear:
base rc /599: coleman,rouse,okoye,t.clayton, branch,blades,spaeth,r.robinson.

-brandon jackson dual jersey rc /50 (green+white)

-fred taylor dual patch /50 (one of the patches appears to have part of the auto on it!).

-rivals dual jersey vince young/leinart 011/100 (blue/red)
-rivals insert young/leinart #d /100
-rivals braylon edwards /hines ward #d /100

-madden 08 insert reggie bush , tomlinson.
-performers insert rick casares /500
-next generation inser reggie bush /100.

-playoff absolute steve smith stargazing insert /100.

-leaf certified lot :

-gold team tomlinson/500
-potential v.davis insert /1000
-base paralell dallas clark /50
-fabric of the game jersey norwood #d 21/25 (red/white/white)
-rc c.stuckey/1500
-auto rc j.anderson /399
-brandon jacobs jersey /50
-jason hill rc jersey /1499.

-07 finest lot :
-base rc auto jordan palmer
-base rc olsen,meachum,booker,beck,adams,stanton,l.hall,c.henry,timmons.
-red reffractor roy williams lions
-gold ref. mike furrey /50
-fin.moments ref. blue s.jackson /99
-fin.moments vince young ref.

there you have a very nice fb lot of the newest products released. lmk if you want htis lot, tkx


Bench Warmer
If I Break Up The Lot The Base Rc Are $1.50 Each For All Of Them At Once, No Cherry Picking At That Price.

Bhelser- Pm Me Your E-mail And I Will Get You Scan Of Fred.