4 Boxes 97-98 Finest


Bench Warmer
I went chasing for a rare Jordan. I came up empty but here's the results of my 4 box break:

Key RCs
Tim Duncan x4
Tracy McGrady x5
Chauncey Billups x4

Stephon Marbury
Terrell Brandon
Dikembe Mutombo
Scottie Pippen
Karl Malone
Shawn Kemp
Tim Hardaway
Kevin Garnett x2
Kobe Bryant x2
Damon Stoudamire
Larry Johnson
Lorenzen Wright
Allen Iverson x2
Elden Campbell x2
David Robinson
Jayson Williams
Reggie Miller x2
Ray Allen
Eddie Jones

Silver Embossed
Vin Baker
Kevin Garnett
Lorenzen Wright
Elden Campbell
Jayson Williams
Reggie Miller
Eddie Jones

Todd Day
Steve Smith
Nick Anderson
David Robinson
Glenn Robinson
Brian Grant
Sean Elliot
Tony Battie (RC)

Dominique Wilkins
Jerry Stackhouse
Anthony Mason
Antonio McDyess

Silver Refractors /1090
Elden Campbell
Grant Hill

Gold Embossed Die-Cut
Charles Barkley

I'll try to get pics up tomorrow


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Nice! No luck on the Jordan but that Barkley might get you some decent coin. The Hill silver refractor may even get more than one might expect.