3rd week of 100+ temps & 0 rain


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Hope the weathers better in your area. There's been rain close by a few times we could even smell it once or twice. Leaves are falling off the trees like it's fall & the grass is brown & crunchy. Seems like the last 4 or 5 years we reach early summer & the rain just stops till fall. Farmers in the area are giving up & selling out, can't grow anything, can't raise livestock as it's too expensive to ship in water & feed. People that say global weather conditions aren't changing are blind.


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thats tough Bud, sorry to hear it. I really do feel for our farmers, I mean (not to turn this into a thread meant for the political forum) but how many tainted food stories do we need from China to realize we have all we need right here... /rant /appolgy :D


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yeah, its rained for the last 4 or 5 days here, getting an inch or so each time...my friend works at a school and they have 3 feet of water/raw sewage in the basement because north of here is even worse with rain, kids are kayaking in the streets, and minnesota and wisconsin are having a rough time of it as well


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I hear you man....I know a few farmers, some are miserable but there is at least one I know who is a really smart business man and knows how to plan for these things (and will actually break even this year, if you can believe that).

But yeah, no global changes....this is normal, nothing to see here......