31st and 32nd leading rushers in the NFL as of now


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Here are the 31st and 32nd ranked rushers in the National Football League:

31. Najeh Davenport -- 19 carries for 136 yards (7.2 avg.), 1 TD
32. LaDainian Tomlinson -- 57 carries for 130 yards (2.3 avg.), 1 TD

#11 Roy Williams

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I mean, LT still did pretty terrible, but give the guy some slack ;)

he has played some of the best run defenses in the NFL for his first 2 games, than another good defense this past weekend. plus, he still scores somehow or another. he has ran for a couple TDs on the year, and has a passing TD which is just as many as the rookie of the year last year :doh:


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And Steven Jackson!!! Finally got a few yards... But, Travis Henry in Denver?!?! What a fit there! Even though "we" lost...