3 Tins of Sweet Shot hockey


Bench Warmer
Was only going to do 1 but it sucked so bad I did 2. Then #2 sucked even worse I moved on to #3 and stopped there.

I really like the product though. The base cards are sweet looking and a 1 per tin it would be very difficult to compile a base set. You get on average 1 base card, 1 rookie jersey, 1 veteran jersey and 1 auto per tin.

I'll post scans later but here was my 3 tin breakdown:

Tin #1:

Billy Smith base card
Dustin Byfuglien RC Jersey /499
Andrew Raycroft Sweet Stitches Dual Jersey (3-color) /50
Mike Cammalleri Signature Shots Auto

Tin #2:

Niklas Lidstrom base card
Masi Marjamaki RC Jersey /499
Marek Svatos Sweet Stitches Jersey /200
Marek Svatos Signature Shots Auto

Tin #3:

Alexei Yashin base card
Jussi Timonen RC Jersey /499
Miroslav Satan Sweet Stitches Jersey /200
and the bonus was all in this pack....

I got 2 autos stuck together instead of just 1...and they were the Ice Signings parallel

I got:
Jarome Iginla Signature Shots Ice Signings /100

Jordan Staal Signature Shots Ice Signings Rookie /100

These are sexy cards and that Staal is a sweet pull. Would likely alone pay for all the tins :D

Scans a little later.
SCANS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous of your ass, my shop has yet to get them and I really really want to bust one!
Here's your scans: