3 Boxes 2010 Topps Platinum


Bench Warmer
Broke 3 boxes of retail Platinum. Not too bad of boxes.

Hit: Eric Decker auto 759/900
Refractors: Jimmy Graham 340/499, Gerald McCoy 31/99

Thick Stock rc's: Eric Berry, Derrick Morgan, Armanti Edwards, Rolando McClain

Base rc's: Jacoby Ford, Joe McKnight, Dezmon Briscoe, Andre Roberts, Earl Thomas, Derrick Morgan, Jermaine Gresham(x2), Damian Williams(x2), Zac Robinson(x2), Jimmy Graham, Montario Hardesty, Golden Tate(x2), Jorden Shipley(x2), Arrelious Benn(x2), Colt McCoy

If interested in any of these plmk. Colts are my priority wants. Also looking for Colt McCoy, Dez Bryant, and CJ Spiller.


Bench Warmer
I'm looking for some 2010 Topps Platinum singles if you have any available. All are veterans- 2-3-26-56-60-74-119-150-153-154. Let me know if you can help.
Thanks, Todd


Bench Warmer
Any 3 of those would be ok with me. Just post it up or lmk. Whatever you think would be a fair trade. I already have the Manning though. So if it's ok with you, we could do the other 3 for the 3 you need.