Basketball 3 Box Break: Bowman Draft picks+stars, Reflections, and SP signature Edition!


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first the bowman

pretty solid

Sp signature tin I got Kyle Lowry rc graphiti auto

and reflections I got a kobe/t-mac dual jersey:D , bobby jones auto, and this beauty

can't fit this in any holder, it is huge! Any tips?

Overall a pretty nice break, thanks for looking


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Nice breaks!
I also have a patch card from reflections...
This card holds in one of those super super thick card holder...
Also, did u pull any Roy Williams (UNC Coach) from Bowman box?
LMK Thanks


Sweet break! :)

Oh yeah that card is huge!
There is a special holder that is perfect for it but I don't know its exact name.

I am sure someone here will know man :)


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I have these Tracy McGrady cards.

- 2004/05 Topps Tracy McGrady
- 2004/05 Upper Deck All-Star Lineup Tracy McGrady
- 2004/05 Upper Deck R-Class Tracy McGrady
- 2005/06 Upper Deck Tracy McGrady
- 2006/07 E-X Tracy McGrady
- 2006/07 Topps Turkey Red Tracy McGrady
- 2007/08 Topps Tracy McGrady