2023 Panini Prestige needed


5.00 star(s)
Opened two hobby boxes of this. Now those are some nice cards!! Really like them. The inserts are definitely fingerprint city!! pretty nonetheless
I really like those Galaxy cards. If i wasn't missing so much of the base set, I'd consider trying to complete the Galaxies as well. But I think that set has 400 cards in it. that will take forever to complete.

I pulled all the expected serial numbered cards. I don't think I got anything major.
Out of the second box, I did pull a Natrone Means autograph (whoever the hell that is :LOL:)

I have listed all the duplicates and inserts that I have for trade from these boxes, on my website. I have my set needs there as well. As I expected, no where near a complete set. This may take a while.

Let me know if we can do some tradin'