2022 MLB Season Games Attended by SCC Members


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Awesome Kevin! Snap a pic and add it here after the game so we can knock Busch Stadium off of our list! Nothing like being at the ballpark…especially with the kiddos!
I for sure will, excited to go! My cousin used to work for a business not far from us and they got 2nd row tickets so for several years we were able to go and sit right next to the field, all 3 of my kids ended up with baseballs and were super excited! Last year my middle son (now 8) ended up with 2 free tickets, so he and I went, and my little son has mentioned it probably every week or so since that he wants to go this summer, so I picked the day game that works and we are going to make this our summer tradition!

My Grandparents took me to my first ever MLB game, Cubs vs. Astros in 1988, and I remember that like it was yesterday! Gramps was an editor for the Chicago Tribune, so we sat right under the press box, so got to see Harry Caray throughout the game and after! I want my children to have those same kinds of memories at the ballpark (though I am gonna have to figure something else out for my 9 year old daughter, she doesnt care much for baseball!!)




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6 stadiums down! Anybody planning to catch a ballgame this weekend? If so, be sure to let me know so I can add you to the list.