2022-23 Immaculate Collection Collegiate Basketball Cards Online Exclusive (10-10-2022)


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The 2022 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Basketball Trading Card Box (Online Exclusive) contains 7 cards per pack and 1 pack per box!
Look for 5 autographs, 1 memorabilia or madness insert, and 1 base or parallels per box, on average!
*All Sales Final*
*Limited to 5 Boxes Per Transaction*
*Anticipated Ship Date 10/14*


The 2022 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Basketball Trading Card Box (Online Exclusive) will be featured in a Dutch Auction Format!
When It Starts:
October 10th, 2022 @ 10am
How It Works:
Set Up an account at www.paniniamerica.net (login is required).
Opening Price Starts at $1000.
Price Drops every 5 minutes until product sells out.
Buy at any time.
Customers will pay the price that is active when product is added to cart.

*All Sales are Final.*
*Limited to 5 boxes per transaction.*
*Cases hold 5 boxes per case. Orders will not be combined.*

  • Back by popular demand, Immaculate Collegiate Basketball makes it return! Look for autographs of your favorite Rookies and the Hottest NBA Stars!
  • Immaculate Collegiate Basketball is bringing back the Madness! The Madness insert is back for its Sophmore Season in Immaculate! Find only one of these rare inserts in each case!
  • Look for JUMBO Memorablia cards with Jerseys, Patches, Hats and Sneaker Memorabilia!
  • Find Immaculate Ink Signatures of your favorite college basketball players, featuring Dual and Triple Autographs! Look for top Rookies and Hall of Fame player Autographs on the same card!
  • Search for Autographs from some of the best sets such as Premium Patches Rookie Autographs, Immaculate Marks of Greatness, Immaculate Signature Patches and so many more!
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