2021 Topps A&G mini wanted WTT/WTTF


5.00 star(s)
Getting close to finishing the set.

I still need the following BASE minis

Bold = incoming

Mascots IRL Minis

MMI-4 Parrot - Pittsburgh Pirates
MMI-9 Elephant -

World’s Largest
MWL-12 BelAZ 75710

World Leaders Minis

MWL-5 Kamala Harris - United States
MWL-10 Moon Jae-In - South Korea
MWL-11 Sergio Mattarella - Italy
MWL-19 Erna Solberg - Norway

Base mini needed

28 Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles Dodgers
48 Walker Buehler - Los Angeles Dodgers
141 Keibert Ruiz - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
145 Steve Carlton - Philadelphia Phillies

All newer stuff to trade can be found in links below

All other product

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