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Baseball 2015 Topps Pro Debut


From a pack deep in the north country...
2015 Topps Pro Debut

Per Box Items:
24 packs per box
8 cards per pack
2 autographs per box
2 relics per box

The 200 card base set is standard issue card size. The card fronts feature a color action shot of the named player. The player and borders have a glossy sheen while the background has a matte finish. The player name, position, Minor League team name, and logo are along the card bottom. The bottom borders and piping around the card correspond to the team colors. The card backs are photo-less and horizontal in layout. The backs contain moderate biographical information, complete minor league statistics and career highlights.

What I pulled:
188 unique cards - no duplicates
166 base set cards - 167/200
6 inserts
1 gold parallel
1 base photo variation
2 autographs
2 relics

Base card front and back:
Inserts and parallel:
Distinguished Debuts 9, 21, 22, 23
Promo Nigh Uniforms Sano, Wick
Gold parallel Toussaint #/50

Photo Variation:
Aaron Nola (no ball)

The Hits:
Alpin and Morban autographs
Rodon Commemorative Pennant Patch relic gold parallel #/50
Fragments of the Farm Lake County Captains banner relic


2015 Topps Pro Debut highlights up-and-coming major leaguers and top prospects. The card design is simple and clean without any flash. Topps kept the inserts to a very acceptable minimum. The different colored tiered parallels provide a chase factor. The autograph cards are a direct parallel to the base set with nothing more than a sticker auto on the base card. Topps once again includes photo variations in a product. The variations are subtle, bat on shoulder vs swinging, hat vs no hat, fielding vs running etc. The photo variation I pulled has the ball completely hidden behind the players head as opposed to his arm being further forward in the pitching motion. A lower end product that will be easy to complete the base set, minus short print variations, with just a box and some light trading. Overall Pro Debut is a very solid box, but you may not recognize many of the name unless you are a prospector

The Bottom Line:
I give 2015 Topps Pro Debut a buy rating. This will appeal to set collectors and prospectors.

The Final Score:
Final Ratings (Out of 5):
Base set collect-ability: 4/5
Big-hit Hunter: 5/5
Prospector Hunter: 5/5
Overall Design: 4/5
Fun: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Re-buy: 4/5
Overall Quality: 4/5

Overall: 35/40 (87.5%) = B

Thanks to Topps for making this review possible!



NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
188 unique cards - no duplicates

is this the norm? no duplicates? makes for a good box break when you don't end up with duplicates!

not a big fan of the "minor league" player cards, but I do like the game-used cards in this years product.

thanks for another great review!
Nice review here and I really like the Distinguished Debuts cards. Wonder if most all box breaks there are no duplicates to very little duplicates. Really like the design of the cards also. What is the average price for a box of these cards? Thanks for the review.