Football 2013 Limited Case Break Picked Team(s)


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Price based on 21 picked spots $70.00. 30.00 Per Draft Spot.
My Current monthly group breakers have 1st priority but please speak up if you want a team
more boxes will be added if money goes over.
Videos will be recorded and posted on

Card Distribution
Cards will be distributed by one of the following methods, in this order:
1) Team printed (text or logo) on the card.
2) Team pictured on the uniform.
3) Team the player currently plays for.
4) Team the player played for longest.
Multi-team cards will go to the member who has the most owned teams (non-drafted teams) on the card. If that doesn't decide it, it goes to the member with the most total teams featured on the card. If that can't determine it, it will be decided at (between teams on the card only), unless the ones involved in the random come up with something different.
Cards from old teams that simply moved to a new town will be given to the owner of the team that they moved to (ie. Houston Oilers = Tennesee Titans).
Cards from unselected teams will be randomly drawn between all members. Having multiple spots does give you extra random entries.
All "hits" will be placed in snaptights, toploaders, magnetics, or screwdowns. All low numbered inserts will also be placed in a toploader. Everything else goes in a team bag, wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap. All of that is sent in a bubble mailer, with delivery confirmation (where available).

Payment is Due buy Oct 31st
Product release date: Wed, Nov 13 2013
Break date pending release:
Configuration: 15 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.
- 3 Autographs/Memorabilia (at least one auto)
- 1 Legend Or Phenom
- 1 Insert or Parallel
Material Phenoms RC features a new design to better showcase the jumbo swatch and autograph.
- Game Day Materials showcase materials use d from specific games of fan-favorite players.
- Field Vision - new clear plastic insert highlighting players who wear visors (approximatel y 2 per case).
- Jumbo Jersey Numbers Prime Signatures present legends and veterans with iconic jersey number die-cuts and autographs.
- Look for game-used Limited Threads including 1-of-1 Brand Logos!
Material Phenoms RC
Featuring a new design for 2013, the iconic Limited rookie card returns with oversized swatches and autographs from some of this year's best rookies
Matching Numbers Prime
Pairing two of the game's notable names, this insert showcases material from players who wear (or wore) the same jersey number. Also find parallels with position die-cuts.
Rookie Letterman
Showcasing authentic letters from NFL jerseys, these autographed gems return for 2013 Limited.
Limited Cuts
Look for cut signatures from 20 different legends, including Red Grange, Pete Rozelle and Sammy Baugh.
Game Day Materials Prime
Taken from specific events, these game-used materials highlight some of the NFL's best players, with prime parallels.

49ers - KPit1978 (In)
Bears -
Bengals - Vito AKA Isopren Pending
Bills - Dvashun (In)
Broncos - MWS (In)
Browns -
Buccaneers - Dvashun (In)
Cardinals -
Chargers -
Chiefs -
Colts - Cool Hand Flash (Pending)
Cowboys - MWS (Pending)
Dolphins - Gadsden86 (Pending)
Eagles - Vito AKA Isopren (Pending)
Falcons -
Giants - Davesboxbreaks (In)
Jaguars -
Jets - BobKoning (In)
Lions -
Packers - KPit1978 (In)
Panthers -
Patriots -
Raiders -
Rams - Cardman123 (In)
Ravens -
Redskins - Yzerisdaman (Pending)
Saints - saintsfan74 (Pending)
Seahawks - 19thcentury (Pending)
Steelers -
Texans -
Vikings -



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Lets get this one filled up. If a team says pending its more then likely open.
Hey Mike, I am going to hold off payment on this one until it is confirmed to definitely be running as a full case. It looks like it may come up short and I won't be interested in doing anything other than a full case.