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Football 2012 Topps Valor (1 box) (CANCELLED)


TP9 | VC15

Since there is never a guarantee that you will get the same team in each one, my group breaks are intended for members who collect football cards from all 32 NFL teams, or who just like to get a look at some past products that I enjoyed during their original release. This break also gives an opportunity to those who are on a limited collecting budget to take part in a group break with a chance to score some nice hits in the process.

Hobby Box(es) To Be Opened

1 - 2012 Topps Valor
(4) game-used or autographs, on average!

Total Hits: 4

Cost: $10
Payment Methods: PayPal
Payment Due Date: Within 2 days of break filling.

Current Members

1. Mike - Dallas Cowboys
2. Cool_Hand_Flash - Indianapolis Colts
3. Cool_Hand_Flash - Denver Broncos
4. rigo tovar - New Orleans Saints
5. titans27 - Tennessee Titans
6. Amandashubby2010 - Carolina Panthers
7. Mike - Philadelphia Eagles
8. Mike - New York Giants
9. Amandashubby2010 - Seattle Seahawks
10. chad baker - Miami Dolphins
11. natehaselby - Washington Redskins
12. sasports - Minnesota Vikings
13. sasports - Detroit Lions
14. natehaselby02 - Houston Texans

Breaking Method

All breaks will take place on Breakers.TV. This provides a solution for LIVE, interactive breaks. Archives of the break will also be shared on YouTube for later viewing.

Team Selection

Each member will be able to select 1 team as their "owned" team. All of the remaining teams will be randomized between all members of the group, giving each member a total of 2 teams.

Trading of Teams

Random teams can be traded between club members up until a specified deadline - before the first box is opened. In addition, members are not required to keep 2 teams.

Determination of Cards

All cards (base, parallels and inserts) are assigned to teams based on the following set of rules, in this order:

1) The cards will go to the team printed on the card.
2) The cards will go to the team pictured in the uniform.
3) The cards will go to the team the player currently plays for.
4) The cards will go to the team the player played for the longest.
5) The cards will go to the team the player played for last.

Any cards that cannot be determined by one of the rules above will be determined in a random drawing.

Cards that involve players from teams that no longer exist will be given to the owner of the team that each specific team was moved to. If the team was not moved, the card will be randomized between all members of the group.
Example: Houston Oilers will go to the Tennessee Titans

Cards that involve players from more than one team (e.g., dual AU or GU cards) will be assigned to one of the eligible club members by a random drawing. A multi-player card that includes a player from an undrafted team or an undrafted player does not open those cards up to every single member. Instead, the random drawing is still just be limited to the members that have the rest of the teams featured on the card. If one member "owns (picked team)" more teams on a multi-team card than the other players, they will get the card. Otherwise, they will have their name entered into the random drawing for however many teams they have on the card.


Transactions will be created for each spot that is purchased by the host. Those transactions will be posted prior to the first hobby box being opened. Please remember to confirm the trade from the Transaction Manager.


All base cards, and non-parallel inserts, will be placed in one or more team bags, wrapped in bubble wrap, and carefully placed in a bubble mailer. All other cards will be placed in individual card sleeves, toploaders and team bags (multiple cards per bag). All cards are then placed in a bubble mailer. Delivery Confirmation will be used on all domestic packages and the appropriate Customs Declaration form will be used for all international packages.


Here's the key thing to understand about group box breaks:

The nature of group box breaks is that each participant may or may not receive "great pulls" or even any cards at all. Therefore, a member is purchasing the opportunity to take part in the group as well as any cards that result from that opportunity.
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TP9 | VC15
Just 5 spots left to fill, folks. Let's get this done! Keep in mind there will be at least 1 veteran/retired player auto too so rookie teams aren't the only teams hot in this product.