2012 Bowman review


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To start this thread, I will tell you one of the downfalls of living in a small town. Bowman came out on Wednesday, so on Friday I drove to my local hobby shop (25 miles from home) only to find that they had not recieved the new issue yet! Oh well, so I can not go to the shop and leave empty handed so I picked up 3 hobby packs of 2012 Gypsy Queen and got this:


Pretty nice consolation prize! He is one the hottest hitters in the game!


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So I went back today and was able to get a hobby box of the new Bowman. It was NOT a great box but it does give me some cards to show off. To start, the base cards are a nice design. Bowman always sticks with a basic design but changed it up enough this year to give it a fresh look. The best base I got was Yu Darvish:


Then there is chrome versions of both the prospect cards and the base. Here is the Bryce Harper base chrome (I guess this will now be his rookie card):


The best chrome prospects were the #1 draft pick last year (Gerrit Cole) and another hot Nationals prospect (Anthony Rendon)


For the inserts, they once again have the Bowman's Best with prospects and veterans:


They also have taken a page from the Topps base sets with a type of "sparkle" refractor (there was only 1 in the hobby box):


And they have the international variations, diplaying the flag of the players home as the background (recieved 4 of these):


I picked up 2 blue variations numbered to 450 (the Verlander was a pretty nice pck up):


I also got 1 orange variation numbered to 250:


Hobby boxes feature just 1 auto this year, but it is an ON CARD auto on the chrome versions. I recieved a base but they do have several numbered variations.


Dillon is suppose to be a good prospect, he was taken in the 2nd round of the draft last year by the Cleveland Indians. The best thing I found out about him is that he gave a significant portion of his $1.85 million signing bonus to and Autism group in the name of his brother. I thought that this was pretty cool for a 19 year old to do.

Let me know what you all think of the set!


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Nice box, and a very cool story about Howard. It is nice to see when players do these types of things.


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Whoops! Double post.. so I'll just say awesome hit you got in the packs after the disappointing drive :D