2011 Tna Signature 2 Box Break Review Contest


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2011 Tristar TNA Signature Impact Wrestling cards

99 card base set with the last nine being sp's. Each box has either Sting, Flair, or Hogan and whoever is on the box is who you will get an sp of, and there are a total of 3 sp's each.

A total print run of 90 cases.

24 boxes per master case and 12 boxes per half case.

6 cards per pack and 20 packs per box.

Every case will include a Hulk Hogan auto and either a Rick Flair or Sting auto.

7 hits per box and the breakdown follows as-
3 autograph cards, one of which will be a multi-sig card numbered to 99 or less.
1 event used numbered to 199 or less.
2 base set parallels numbered to 50 or less.

What was pulled



Flair Box 725/2160-

Few cards shy of a base set not counting the SP's.

Rick Flair SP

Mr. Anderson and Tara parallels both #d /50

RVD and Kendrick autographs both #d /99

Christy Hemme and SoCal Val dual autograph #d /99

Mexican America quad event used #d /199

Sting Box 1442/2160-

Few cards shy of a base set not counting the SP's.

Sting SP

Hardy Boys and Scott Steiner parallels both #d /50

SoCal Val and Samoa Joe autographs both #d /99

Christy Hemme and SoCal Val dual autograph #d /99

Mexican America quad event used #d 2/5


Its safe to say that Tristar does it best to listen to collectors and attempt to put out a set that attempts to make all fans happy. As hard as they may try, it will never happen but the fact that they do says they care about the product they put out.

Ive always dug their base sets until now. With the blue border scheme, it lacks and seems too plain for me. I find this to be a step back but at the sametime, I think they still did a fine job in what images were used on the cards.

Something else I didnt care for in the base set was the "Impact Debut" cards. Bully Ray, Christy Hemme, and Anarquia just as a few. Theyve been on TNA before, granted it seems to be a show name change but I dont think that really makes it a "debut". As a collector a debut is their very first time on that brands trading card or show period.

Even though I dont care for the base set design, I do like it with the event used and autograph cards.

I like the event used a little more this go around vs. past releases. Since Icons with the Hogan letter swatch, theyve continued it here with Rick Flair. Its a nice change of pace to mix it up a little compared to the rest of the event used cards. I also like the "Impact Size" swatch cards as well.

The fact that there are fewer single event used cards makes this a better release for me because alot of those can be left by the wayside when people crack a ton of boxes. The dual Hardy is a nice snag if you can get it along with the 2 different triples and 2 different quads, the talent used on those cards make ALOT of sense and I hope they continue that with future releases.

At this time I have yet to see a Hogan or Flair autograph event used card. Im sure they are tough hits and will fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market.

Back on to the autograph cards, to me this is probably one of the most complete lineups available. Even though the last two sets didnt include ODB, I understand why she miss the cut and I think I can forgive them for that.

As mentioned previously, I didnt care for the new design with the base cards but I think it works really well with the autographs. Speaking for myself I say this is the 2nd nicest design on the autograph cards behind New Era. I would throw TNA Knockouts into the mix but it would be a little unfair not having any of the male talent having any autographs but being strictly ladies, that was a nice one too.

Overall thoughts on this release are tough. With the increase in hits per box brings an increase on price for the collectors. You either have to buy several boxes and hope you dont get duplicate SP cards or you try to buy them. With 9 total, it could be expensive or hopefully you find them on the cheap from a casebreaker or two.

Even though they were two random boxes numbered far apart, its a tough pill to swallow for collectors to have their 2 "bigger" hits be the same card. Im vaguely familiar with the packing out process but Id like to see better quality control with this if possible. I can honestly say I would make the same remarks if they were one of the 7 or 8 signed cards or even used autographs etc etc. Sure, those people would be happier but to have those two almost identical hits happen like that could upset collectors, especially if they had been lesser famous talent.

As mentioned in previous thoughts and reviews on TNA products, Id like to see the print plates make a comeback, as well as redemptions for premium items like Cross the Line and New Era had.

Overall I have to say if you are a TNA fan, this is a set you should try to break a box or two if you can afford it. If not, snag what you can on various trading sites. Its tough to give collectors what they want and keep costs down as much as possible, especially in this economy, but I think Tristar still does a better job with TNA than Topps does with the WWE.

Contest Portion-

Part 1. Guess the serial numbers. Over or under, it doesnt matter. The only one I outed was the quad event used #d /5. Attempt a guess on every card, all 4 parallels, the 1 event used, and all 6 of the autographs. Since this is done on more than one site, if you guess the same number on one site, that someone guessed on another site, whoever guessed first gets priority.

Part 2. Give your opinion on the review and where you think they could improve and what you would like to see done with future releases.

You MUST include #1 and #2 with your answers. Put some effort into it please! If the opinion portion is good enough, its entirely possible I can get some more prize material in the mix.

This will be open for at least 1 wk. Depending on the action its getting in guessing and replies, I may hold it over longer.

Edited answers are voided, if you forget a guess sorry, make it count.

Since this will be posted on more than one site, theres a chance they may take an issue with it and delete it and tell me no! This isnt intended to promote any one site on others etc etc. If anyone has questions, dont hesitate to drop me a pm in order to keep the guessing portion of the thread clean and free of clutter.

If you find this on another site, feel free to make different serial number guesses.

I will be giving away most if not all of the hits, I may keep a dual for myself and the quad /5 for trading purposes *cough*ODB*cough*. Ill also have five sets of 5 card TNA obak cards from the 2011 Nattys as well as a TNA XL shirt. On top of that I still have some hits from past releases Ill be giving away from New Era to Icons and Xtreme.

Hopefully I covered all the bases, if I have to edit anything, Ill note it at the end of the OP.

Have at it!


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