2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition FT/FS


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I did some big trading along with a little cash that I got from officiating spring football games over the weekend and got some of the new Press Pass Portrait Edition. I like the number of hits you get. Here is what I got:


-Gold Foil-
CJ Spiller, Joe Haden, Anthony Dixon, Joe McKnight, Dan LeFevour, Anthony McCoy, Montario Hardesty, Navorro Bowman, Aaron Hernandez, Jordan Shipley, Brandon LaFell, Ryan Matthews, Eric Decker, Donovan Warren, Anthony McCoy, Mardy Gilyard, Tim Tebow NFT

Ryan Matthews x3, CJ Spiller x3, Rolando McClain, Dan LeFevour x2, Jahvid Best x2, Joe Haden x2, Dezmon Briscoe x3, Eric Decker, Arrelious Benn x2, Derrick Morgan, Brandon LaFell, Jimmy Clausen, Demaryius Thomas, Jonathan Dwyer, Ndamukong Suh, Anthony Dixon x2, Jason Pierre-Paul, Jermaine Gresham x3, Gerald McCoy x3, Sam Bradford x2, Montario Hardesty, Toby Gerhart, Golden Tate, Dexter McCluster, Joe McKnight x3, Damian Williams x2, Tim Tebow NFT

I only need Dez Bryant for the Set

-Face to Face-
Best/McKnight, Tate/Williams, Clausen/Gerhart x2, Spiller/Roberts, Pike/Mathews x2, Briscoe/Alexander x2, LaFell/Hernandez, Tebow/Snead x2 NFT, Dwyer/James x2, Thomas/Ford, Dixon McCluster x2, Canfield/McGaha x2McClain/Hardesty, Decker/Williams, Starks/LeFevour, Suh/McCoy

Need the one with Dez Bryant for the Set

-Class of 2010-
CJ Spiller, Ryan Mathews x2, Arrelious Benn, Jimmy Clausen, Golden Tate x2, Toby Gerhart, Tim Tebow x2 NFT

I have lots of base, just LMK who you are looking for. I traded the two Dez Bryant inserts to the shop not realizing that if I kept them, I would have the the base and insert sets. On to the hits:

-Game Day Gear JSYs-
Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas (Bengals)
Montario Hardesty Gold /199, Tennessee (Browns)
Javarris James, Miami
Eric Decker, Minnesota (Broncos)
Arrelious Benn, Illinois (Buccaneers)
Joe McKnight, USC (Jets)
Tim Tebow, Florida (Broncos) Probably NFT

Stafon Johnson, USC
Jacoby Ford, Clemson (Raiders)
Eric Decker, Minnesota (Broncos) HTG
Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri (Falcons)
Antonio Brown, Central Michigan (Steelers)
LeGarrette Blount, Oregon (49ers, oh wait Titans now)
Mike Kafka, Northwestern (Eagles)
Corey Wootton, Northwestern (Bears)
Charles Scott, LSU (Eagles)
Bill Stull, Pitt
Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State (Patriots)
DeMaryius Thomas, Gergia Tech (Broncos) x2
Joe McKnight, USC (Jets)
Aaron Hernandez, Florida (Patriots)
Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati (Rams)
Toby Gerhart, Stanford (Vikings)
Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan (Bears) RED INK SP
Rob Gronkowski, Arizona (Patriots) RED INK SP
Zac Robinson Red 120/150, OK State (Patriots)
Sean Lee Red 56/150, Penn State (Cowboys) HTG
Alterraun Verner Red 150/150, UCLA (Titans)
Earl Thomas Red 108/150, Texas (Seahawks)
Dexter McCluster Red 119/150, Ole Miss (Chiefs)
Sean Weatherspoon Red 87/150, Missouri (Falcons)
Rolando McClain Red 85/145, Alabama (Raiders)

Scans in my bucket.

All are FS/FT unless indicated. Let me know soon before I put them on ebay. I am looking for Austin Collie, Dez Bryant, Tim Tebow, (other broncos and cowboys RCs), DeJuan Blair, George Hill, Deron Williams (RCs and AUs), and Cowboys.


Pictures by leedawg62 - Photobucket


Bench Warmer
jetsfan6 said:
im interested in the mccluster and gerhart cmb and lmk
The Gerhart is pending. You are lucky that you got a Tebow AU. I would like a shot at that and the McCoy. LMK if I have anything else.



I need these Cards below.
Zac Robinson Red 120/150, OK State (Patriots)
Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State (Patriots)
Aaron Hernandez, Florida (Patriots)

I have these 4 Trade let me know if you can use anything below?
Reggie Bush/ Marcus Allen NT dual wh/red
Manny Lawson R/T Auto
Reggie Ball R/T Auto
Albaladejo NYY AU
Shonn Greene 2 color ball/patch