2010 Bowman Auto + Chrome Lots For Sale


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2010 Bowman Baseball Stuff For Sale (here before ebay)

Prices Include Shipping and Delivery Confirmation...Pms for fastest reply
Pictures of each lot are in my buckett:

Lot 1 $4.00

Daniel McCutchen RC Blue Refractor Auto #"D 106/250
Daniel McCutchen RC Base Blue Parallel #"D 263/520

Lot 2 $25.00

Slade Heathcott RC Refractor Auto #'D 47/500
Slade Heathcott RC Chrome (x3)
Slade Heathcott RC Base (x2)

Lot 3 $42.00

Starlin Castro RC Auto
Starlin Castro Chrome (x2)
Starlin Castro Base (x2)
Starlin Castro/Soriano Expectations Insert

Lot 4 $9.00

Scott Sizemore RC Auto Refractor #'D 307/500
Scott Sizemore Auto

Lot 5 $6.00

Josh Donaldson Rc Auto (x2)

Lot 6 Phillies $4.00

2009 Bddp Zach Collier Auto
2009 Bddp Anthony Hewitt Auto

Lot 7 $9.00

(All 2009 Elite Extra Editions Autos)

Trent Stevenson 214/744
Grant Desme 316/744
Travis Banwart 229/645
Chad Bell 681/744
Stave Baron Blue Aspirations 37/100

Individual Autos: all 2010 bowman (will take $40.00 for all 5)

Rex Brothers Blue Refractor Auto #'D 101/150 $8.00
James Darnell Refractor Auto #'D 293/500 $9.00
Thomas Neal Refractor Auto #'D 312/500 $16.00
Steven Hensley Refractor Auto #'D 411/500 $5.00
Juan Francisco Refractor Auto #"D 329/500 $9.00

thanks for looking, let me know