Baseball 2009 Unnumbered Bowman Red - Backdoored or Giveaways?


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Imagine paying big $ for a Red 1/1 to find out there are at least 23 more out there. Waiting to fall into the wrong hands and make yours a 1/24.

These are listed in the Beckett database.

Here's what was recently sold on ebay

673 of these were sold. 70 players.

Quantities of players varied from 1-20. Only Fielder had 20.

I have 19 of Belliard and there are 4 more known to exist on uncut sheets. So there are 23 known unnumbered Red cards for all the players on this sheet. Safe to assume there are many more out there. Since the ebay seller had a max of 20 for one player, there are many more of these cut cards that were not listed on ebay. Will a fake 1/1 Red Zimmerman show up in a display case at a card show? Slowly leaked out on ebay? Used as trade bait to a unsuspecting collector? Unfortunate...

I have a full sheet incoming. Once I get it I will post pics on here and a list of all the players. 132?

Someone said....

Those unnumbered red 09 Bowman are from uncut sheets topps gave out to their distributors. My local card shop gave out 1 uncut sheet for every 09 bowman box you bought. I own 4 of the sheets. They say "property of the topps co/not for resale" on the bottom of the sheet. Somebody must have has theirs professionally cut.

Someone else said...

2009 Bowman Sterling Football Red 1/1 were given to distributors as full sheets. Without sticker or Jersey. Cut up and many were sold on ebay around Jan/2010
Another collector recalled seeing the same with the 2008 cards.

How long until scammers start stamping these? So is this Topps fault? Or the outsourced printer? Was Upper Deck the printer and leave the backdoor open again? Was anyone held accountable? Were these actually given to distributors as a gift or backdoored?

Would a simple email to either company really accomplish anything..... Didn't think so. But it wont hurt to try. So where do we go from here to prevent this from happening again? I have pics of Red Chrome 1/1 and a Superfractor sheet. You can see doubles of some players. Where do the extras go? Are they "safe". Are Superfractor sheets next? Or do we all wait until "our" card we paid alot of money for is leaked out and stamped until we do something?

I will update this thread as info becomes avail.

Here are 19 unnumbered and the real numbered 1/1 I recently picked up.