2009 UD Prominent Cuts Break


Bench Warmer
Well...all I wanted was 1 pack, figured a 1 in 5 shot at the cut auto...so I got:

Figured what the heck, I'll take another shot at the cut (1 in 4 packs)...so I got:

Now, I'm frustrated...2 packs, both the GU...well, I got get at least 1 auto, so I bought another pack (1 in 3 for the cut)...and I got:

Allright...smart people would walk away...heck, I went in for some top loaders and thats it...well 50:50 I get the cut, right, so I bought another pack...and got:

Well, now I have to buy the last pack...guess what???? I got a cut auto!!!!!!

Debbie Reynolds

Its scuffed up on the side, so I'm going to send it back...


Bench Warmer
if your trading the 2 material cards check my bucket.... also might be interested in the debbie reynolds even though its scuffed up...