Baseball 2008 Topps Short Prints?


Bench Warmer
I am just getting back into the hobby and I'm starting off with 2008 Topps Baseball Series 1 and 2. I have done some research but I am an amateur collector at best. Are there short prints in this set and if so can someone direct me to their listing?


Bench Warmer
Here's all of the Short Prints in 2008 Topps, all of which are pretty rare to have except #234b and #FS1.

#234b Red Sox w/ Giuliani
#234c Red Sox w/ Giuliani Red
#661 Johan Santana NoNo
#FS1 Kazuo Uzuki
#NNO Alexei Ramirez
#NNO Kosuke Fukudome
#NNO Yasuhiko Yabuta

Then the following are SP as part of the Campaign 08 subset.

AG Al Gore
AS Arnold Schwarzenegger
SP Sarah Palin
SP Sarah Palin Pageant


Bench Warmer
thanks for the help!

thanks a bunch, whenever I would google search for the short prints it would immediately give me the Topps Heritage results, very frustrating. Thanks again.....Eat'm Up Tigers Eat'm Up!