Football 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Football Hobby Box


Bench Warmer
Approximate Release Date: Wed, Nov 14 2007

Configuration: 4 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

* Find more content than before in 2007 Ultimate Collection Football!
* Look for a signature or multi signature card in every pack on average!
* Find a 2007 rookie signature in every box on average!
* Pull 2 memorabilia cards in every pack on average!
* Look for redemptions for a limited Ultimate Collection Parallel Set!

Autograph Cards - All serial numbered
* Ultimate Rookie Signatures Parallel
* Ultimate Rookie Signatures NFL Logo
* Ultimate Rookie Matchup Materials Auto Parallel
* Ultimate Materials Auto Parallel
* Ultimate Rookie Materials Auto Parallel
* Ultimate Rookie Materials Auto Patch Parallel
* Ultimate Signatures
* Ultimate Signatures Parallel
* Write of Passage Signatures
* Write of Passage Signatures Parallel
* Ultimate Sunday Stars Signatures
* Ultimate Sunday Stars Signatures Parallel
* Ultimate Dual Signatures
* Ultimate Triple Signatures
* Ultimate Quad Signatures
* Ultimate Inscriptions
* Ultimate Ink

Memorabilia, Parallels, and Insert Cards - All serial numbered
* Ultimate Rookie Matchup Materials
* Ultimate Materials
* Ultimate Materials Parallel
* Ultimate Materials Patch
* Ultimate Rookie Materials
* Ultimate Rookie Materials Parallel 1
* Ultimate Rookie Materials Parallel 2
* Ultimate Rookie Materials Parallel 3
* Ultimate Rookie Materials Patch
* Ultimate Dual Materials
* Ultimate Triple Materials
* Ultimate Quad Materials
* Ultimate Dual Materials Patch
* Ultimate Triple Materials Patch
* Ultimate Quad Materials Patch
* Ultimate Game Patch
* Ultimate Achievements Patch
* Ultimate Rookie Rewind Super Patch
* Rare Patches Dual Parallel 3
* Rare Patches Triple Parallel 3

Redemptions for an entire Ultimate Collection regular set(no insert cards)

Regular Cards
* Regular Cards(100)
* Ultimate Rookie Signatures - Serial numbered