2007-08 Exquisite Limited Logos 3 CLR Patch AUTO Kobe Bryant 50/50 1/1 BGS8.5 10



I bet the price on this one jumped. However the market is flooded with Kobe signed memorabilia. This one though seems pretty rare with the jersey piece and all.


I am always curious as to how the value of these items change in the timeline of a players retirement, and this is a particularly interesting case given the whole goodbye tour and all the attention-seeking that was going on. I am betting that if you wait a little bit until the rush of items to the market that others have stated is gone, then you might get a little more from these things. I could very well be wrong though, it would not be the first time.


Kobe has an international fan base. His cards and autographs are among the most sought-after in the world. These cards are only going to keep increasing in value. The following item: 2003-04 Exquisite Limited Logos 3 CLR Patch AUTO Kobe Bryant 50/75 BGS9 10 has a current bid of $7900. He's not going anywhere.