2000 Topps NFL Draft Pick (1/1 Diamond Edition)

I came across this rare card in my collection of Peter Warrick and was curious if anyone knew anything about the Diamond Edition? All help is appreciated. Thanks! :)

The back of this card is just like the base card on back. And it's the first time i've taken it out of the top loader just to scan it and noticed its a little rough. :mad:

This also came with a separate card. I've had it so long, i can't remember where I got it from but all i know is that these two cards have always been together since i've had them.



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If memory serves, these were manufactured by an outside group. Basically, they took a normal base card and applied their 1/1 embossing to it. I woudn't consider them true 1/1 cards...but they are unique and if you are a Warrick collector I'd hang onto it. But, it probably doesn't have much value.