2 Movies in 1 day: Mr Brooks and Oceans...



I took the afternoon off the other day to hang with some buddies and drink a few. We decided to hit the theatre next door and saw Mr Brooks was about to start. I went in hoping the movie would be decent and was much better than decent. I would rate it at least a "B" to "B+". Any movie that can make you feel empathetic for a serial killer and not leave you feeling guilty, has pulled off quite a feat. I deffinitely enjoyed every minute of it.

Then I went back to the office for an hour or so when the wife called and said the mom-in-law was picking up the girls from daycare so we could go out. SO, we hit up On The Border and had me the "Ranchiladas". That and the "ultimate fajitas" are excellent if anyone ever goes.

So, after dinner we hit the movie theatre and saw Oceans 13. Much better than the last installment and almost as good as the first I thought.

Bad thing is I am at the office now making up for the time I spent goofing off.

I saw Oceans on Thursday night with the wife and we liked it... Mr. Brooks was filmed in Shreveport, so I will have to go watch it to pick out all the spots they filmed. (my in-laws saw it and liked it)

by the way I always order Ranchilladas from OTB.
Honestly, I NEVER have beer in the house, and I bet last year I MAYBE drank 10 beers...all year. But now, I find myself hanging out with the guys or networking over beers and good grub. My lsat job I was an hourly grunt that was too exhausted to do anything when I got home. Now I go whenever I want...and I get to write it off :cheers:

And a heads up for any that go to MR Brooks...stay in the theatre for after the credits. I just heard I missed a big scene that maybe sets up more movies. Kinda pissed I dint know that beforehand...lol.