2 half 8-box case breaks 2007 Gridiron Gear. Nice auto dual RC patches!


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Scans of major hits from gridiron gear and threads break

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i love this years gridiron gear. i went in with my brother on 2 8-box cases. we bought one case and split it and liked them so much we went in on another (2nd case not as good as 1st except bro pulled NFL Teams Calvin Johnson auto/30). Anyways, here are the Case Breaks

I will get scans of them up tomorrow. He will post his own threads for his break.

Will just post the GU/patches/autos seperately at the top and all the inserts/parallels will be listed together at the bottom (not seperated by which case they r from) probably tomorrow.
1st Case

Eli Manning NFL Teams Auto Helmet #/32 (i think these r one per case?)
Brian Leonard Auto RC Dual patches 1st is one color and 2nd is 3 color w/ 4 breaks (scan to come. very sweet patch) #/50
Drew Stanton Auto RC Dual Patches 1st is one color and 2nd is 4 colors (also very sweet) #/50
Chris Davis Gold Auto RC #/100

Brett Favre 2-color patch #/25
Brian Westbrook 2 color patch #/25
Maurice Jones-Drew Dual patches 1st is one color and 2nd is 2 color #/50
Antonio Pittman Jumbo 2 color RC Patch #/50. Really sweet! is upper corner of the letter "M"

Dwayne Bowe player timelines RC jersey /250
Eric Dickerson Dual gu jerseys /100
Kenny Irons Player Timelines Oversized College GU jersey #/50
Anthony Gonzalez RC jersey #/50

2nd Case (not as good as 1st but did get hot box)

Paul Posluszny Platinum Auto #/25 (my best hit in this case)
Darrelle Revis RC auto #/100 (traded to my brother)
Michael Griffin RC auto #/250
Jacoby Jones RC Gold auto redemption

Joseph Addai Dual 2 color patches #50/50
Patrick Crayton 3 color patch #/50
Lorenzo Booker Oversized RC 4-color patch (5 color breaks) #/50 looks like corner of#/name plate VERY SWEET
Javon Walker 1 color patch #50/50

Larry Fitzgerald Dual gu jerseys /100
Ben Roethlisberger GU jersey /250
Brian Westbrook GU jersey /250
Barry Sanders GU jersey /240
Chester Taylor Oversized GU jersey /50
Marvin Harrison GU jersey /250
Marques Colston GU jersey /250
Willie Parker GU jersey /105
Sonny Jurgenson GU jersey /90
Philip Rivers GU jersey /250 traded to brother
Fred Biletnikoff GU jersey /250 (i think?) traded to brother

to make my break of the case better i traded some of the hits to my brother for this

Steve Smith (Giants) Pullout Auto RC Jumbo Swatch #/100

ALL are for trade but the Manning, Leonard, Stanton, Smith autos and Favre Patch will need nice autos to get)

Also busted 1 box of 07 Leaf Certified Materials and 1 box of 07 Donruss threads and they are posted in a different Thread (got an auto Letterman of Paul Posluszny) so check it out.
scans now up at link above. plz shoot me a PM with what u r interested in as i have 50 people wanting things so hard to keep track of all of them and dont want to lose u guys. thx