Basketball 2 boxes of 05-06 SPX (sorry no scanner)


Bench Warmer
Busted two boxes today.Didnt do too bad. Two spectrums(both Yao Ming) One is of base card 25/25.Other is Spectrum SPxcitement veterans 95/99.Other SPxcitement veterans were-Kobe bryant 932/999,Kirk Hinrich 93/999,Kyle Korver 826/999.Winning materials dual jerseys-Gerald Green and Tracy Mcgrady-both unnumbered.Winning combos jerseys-Zach Randolph and Darius Miles dual jersey and a Allan houston and Stephon Marbury dual jersey.Rookies-James Singleton 1198/1499 and Josh Calderon 159/1499.SPXcitement rookies-Nate Robinson 1797/1999 and Rashad McCants 47/1999. And the Auto Rookie Jerseys-Chalie Villanueva 236/750,Daniel Ewing 235/1499,and Andrew Bynum 1335/1499.Bynum was in first box and other two in second box.Not to bad but nothing for PC.Oh well.It was fun.=)
I think UD wants me to collect Yao Ming.Two weeks ago pulled an SP authentic sign of the times Yao auto 24/50.And outta the 2 SPX boxes two spectrums both Yao.