Basketball 2 Box 07 HHP + 1 Box 07 Triple Threads w/Scans - MOJO!


Bench Warmer
this was the first triple threads ive got, i didnt know all the cards were thick, it is a great looking product, the refractor type cards are really cool.


HHP Box #1:

notable newcomers - bargnani
we're #1 - webber
draft rewind - parker, vc, tmac

kobe /50, foye /50, brown /100


not exactly great

HHP Box #2:

notable newcomers - o'bryant
draft rewind - magloire, dixon, jkidd, jo

dual jersey 3/50, hudson 1/15 - i dunno why he is in the set


the triple threads box the seal had come loose so the 2 packs were scattered among the supplies so i dunno if the auto or jersey is usually the top pack, but heres the results -

Triple Threads Top Pack:

/899 - robertson, jrich, nash
/299 - wade
/99 - odom

Auto Jersey:

so after seein that that made me really sick, i was hoping the jersey would be first for one thing, then that auto/gu /99! bah.

Triple Threads Bottom Pack:

/899 - big al, bernard king
/299 - manu
/199 - jack
/25 - hinrich

then the savior of these boxes:

platinum 1/1

i saw 'allen' first & i was thinking is this the worst box ever produced ;) luckily it was a great number, along with having bird & barry on it too ;)