Basketball 2 07-08 Bowman Boxes with Scans!!


Bench Warmer
from a couple days ago, the autos were horrible, jerseys pretty good, box 1 was my worst box out of 10 boxes so far.

All Available

Box 1:

Rookies - m williams, mcguire, terry
Chrome Rookies - fazekas, t young, terry, pruitt
Bronze /399 - Bargnani
Rookie Refractor /299 - crittenton
Rookie Black Refractor /199 - terry

Jerseys - melo/50

Auto Box 1, Auto Box 2

Box 2:

Rookies - afflalo, big baby
Chrome Rookies - stuckey, nichols, smith, horford, mcguire
Bronze /399 - aldridge
Bronze Rc /399 - brewer
Silver /199 - dirk
Rc Refractor /299 - stuckey
Black Refractor /199 - kapono
Gold Refractor /99 - andre miller

Jerseys - nash /50
well actually from the main 3 online sites i look at, 08 bowman is going up kinda a lot in the past week+. these two were luckily 51.99 from blowout, a couple days ago they had gone up to like 61.99 there, and now theyre 58.99, dacw theyre $59 and were 61 i think about 2-3 days ago, and i have 4 boxes coming in on monday from charmcity for $55 each, theyre $59 there now. unless i get something(s) great from these next 4 boxes, ill probably only get a few more 08 bowman boxes in the near future. maybe more toward the end of the season if the box prices drop a good amount, but im sure the 08 bowman arent going to get anywhere near as low as 07. i think 08 will probably always be $40+ at minimum.
i really like the jerseys this year and the fact that theres usually 1 double or triple per box, plus the parallels to all jersey types, but hopefully i get no more autos like these last 2!! i would looooooove to get an oden. i would definitely get more boxes soon then :)