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Wrong forum. :ban:

I've never played Halo online, so I'm sure I'll get my ass handed to me by 10-year-olds for a month or so. :lollol:

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Thank Christ for the mute button (there is a mute button, right?).

You can mute all talking or mute single players. But the smack talking usually occurs after the game in the post game lobby (which you can exit right away) or during the game when someone kills you. Before you respawn, a player on the opposing team can run near your body and say some stuff to you. Otherwise you cant hear the other team unless they are near you.


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Halo 3? At first I thought 311 was releasing a CD.

Halo :thumbdown::thumbdown: cause I cant play


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They should come up with feature where you can transfer your uploaded music on your xbox over to the game and play the music you like. I know there is a way to get custom music on the game, but it seems like a long process.

Get the game so that we can shred it up online in either co-op or versus mode.