Basketball 14-16 weeks?


Bench Warmer
Hi everyone.I got a redemption card from UD and put in my code online.So it tells me 14-16 weeks for delivery.This is the first redemption card i have pulled from UD and i was wondering do you guys think this is normal time or a bit long?Or if i will get it before that but they say that long just in case something goes wrong?Just curious.Maybe im just to excited to get the card.Just dont wanna get my hopes up about this redemption card till i have the actual card in hand.:)
Actually if the card turns up in 14-16 weeks, I would be rapt!
I have heard horror stories about redemptions taking 2 years to arrive.

It should be cool as long as you are prepared to wait. :)
2 years!!! Wow.I can wait if i have to but thats kinda lame.MJ is the reason i got into collecting and this is the first time i have ever pulled an MJ auto out of a pack.I can buy one on ebay but nothing beats pullin it yourself.But i pulled the redemption and not the actual card.Feel like i have been waitin my whole life for this pull so i guess 2 more years isnt much longer.Just hoped sooner.