11/19 mailday


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
Got these in the mail today:

Lot of 25 2000 Senior Bowl Chad Pennington's (was $2 shipped :shock: )

2007 SPx Young Stars Auto Dan Uggla
2005 Donruss Elite Status Brandon Browner #'d/58
2005 Donruss Elite Gold Stauts Brandon Browner #'d/24

And the CCG package from Justin (welker83). Lots of DN's and some Guidugli's and Herron's :dance:. I have mine still here for you, as I'm still unearthing a bunch of Ronnie Brown RC garbage I know you'd put a much better home to than I.

Thanks again,

- Dave :dance:


Bench Warmer
This thread is worthless w/o scans or Rocky Mac cards.



Week old post bumping extraordinaire
Elan - My bro will be scanning some of my jive shortly (as in the next few weeks). Then, everyone can bask in the glory of my DN's and some other assorted losers.

Jason - That's what I thought. I've only seen one Bobby Wade on there and I don't think DN (amazingly enough) was invited.

Justin - I just want to get something decent, not a Ki-Jana or Collins auto :doh: