10 more minutes to go and i'm done for a few days


Bench Warmer
Time to leave for surgery soon. went and got pre op stuff done yesterday, surprise MRI, I almost puked cause they scare me, went back to the docs office and he found something else on the MRI. what it was exactly he wasn't sure so i bumped some other guy in surgery and now i'm the first one. i have to be there at 6am, and i go in at 7:30. i'll be in the hospital for a day, hopefully. if whatever was back there is bad, than i might not be here for 2 weeks.

mom is supposed to text jason and tell him i lived so he can let you guys know. jason mom is going to have my phone so if you respond, do it slowly, she's new to texting.

anyways, now i'm starting to get nervous. was supposed to jump on last night but spent my last night of freedom at a movie.

well it's time to get ready to go, have to grab my overnight bag. see you guys in a day, hopefully