1 pack/box Leaf Limited

Poopy Pants

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First off, the display box is pretty cool. Its almost like a compressed cardboard that makes it seem like wood.

Anyways, I got 2 autographs and a patch in my pack. Scans on the way.

Poopy Pants

Bench Warmer
Here is the base. Current Players numbered to 659 and legends numbered to 249.


Bronze Spotlight numbered to 32.


Redemption is Tank Tyler /299 and Selvin Young is /194


Brees is 04/10


Poopy Pants

Bench Warmer
Also, I got the pack for $35 cheaper than DACW sells it for. I did think 70 was kind of cheap when I heard it was coming out for around 100.


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Nice Young and Brees. The base look ugly as hell to me. I enjoy the foilboard look LL usually has.

Good job, Calhoooooon :salut:


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Not a bad box. I don't think I'm going to open any this year. I liked their foil signatures before that were more imbedded in the card. This year's stickers just aren't that attractive to me.