1 of 1 shield tag card big ben


Just started getti g back into the hobby and jumped in it pretty hard lol. Have many many good hit just wondering value on some... and I'm always interested in tradeing buying and selling... what u think it's worth guys and gals


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TP9 | VC15
1/1 cards are always difficult to judge because, obviously, there's nothing to base it off of. That said, there have been a few of the /5 variation of this card sold on eBay that we can use as a "minimum". Luckily, they're both within $1 of one another too.

Here are the ones I found:

So, you're looking at a minimum of around $330, but I'd imagine you could probably add at least another $100 since it's the 1/1. I'd venture a guess anywhere from $450-500.

By the way, nice card! That thing is awesome!


TP9 | VC15
Yeah I was offered 600 from this steelers collector. Was expecting more bc the shield laundry dual rareity

Nice! You're already higher than I thought. Like I said, 1/1s are tough to predict. Regardless, though, it's a nice cars and will always fetch a premium.


I definitely wouldn't sell south of $600. Honestly, wouldn't sell at all but if I had to I'd wait until the season starts and Pittsburgh puts together a string of wins or high publicity.
Nice card! I agree with the above, 1/1s are hard to judge, however star players on good teams who have done things (won championships) usually command higher premiums than unknown guys. I too suggest waiting until the season starts to sell. I would think you could fetch more than $600 to the right collector, there are probably at least a few Steelers/Big Ben fans that would be interested in that card.

You can always try selling it with a higher Buy It Now option ($1,000) and take offers, until you get one that makes you happy. It is the only one out there so it is up to what someone is willing to pay and what your bottom line is for letting it go.