1 more has surfaced...


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make it 4 out of 5 :D

i probably will...had a BIN of $49.99 on it :roflmao: for the record i got the 05 Mirror Black Auto for under $40 DLVD

just went down and checked i have 1/5, 2/5, and 5/5, didnt check my numbers on my base emeralds, but i think i have 1/5 and 2/5, and i know my emerald patch is 2/5 because i have the serial numbered set of 2s

if i do land it and get the 3/5 (where ever it is, as i havent seen it and if i know anything, i know bollers) ill have to email it into beckett...

and if you are new on the scene, dustin (dnoz) and i were both in there for the super collector thing...i think dustin got 4th or 5th and i got 3rd...got a Leinart 8x10 Elite auto that i sold as a christmas present to some guy for $130 and bought more bollers :doh::roflmao:


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one of these days im going to have an open house and you collect guys can come out and thumb through some of my stuff to give you an idea of what ive got running around here...

4/8 Elite Status
18/92 E;lite Aspirations
12 Topps BlackRefractor /100
12 Tp[[s XFractpr /101
25 or so finest autos
15 contenders
10 SPA...ive got some goodies