1 more box 09-10 SPA *PATCHY*


Bench Warmer
Was itching to open something, and since Elite FB singles are going down faster than a ton of bricks off the sears tower, I thought SP was my best bet. Don't get me wrong, I liked the box, just wish the Patch was more than 1 color

Michael Grabner Auto Patch 11/100 - $50
Matt Duchene FW Auto 81/999 - $60
Cody Franson FW Auto 705/999 - $6
Jennifer Botterill Champions Auto - $10

Holo FX:
FX7 Malkin
FX8 Gordie Howe
Both for $4

SP Essentials:
122 Franzen 967/1999
123 Toews 1070/1999
136 Backstrom 867/1999
157 LeCavalier 574/1999
All for $5

Future Watch Rookie:
189 Mika Pyorala 245/999 - $4

All prices are dlvd paypal gift, concealed cash, or money orders. Whatever doesn't sell will be hitting my Ebay store tonight

Thanks for looking,