1 more 1/1 Carter and a milestone surprise


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Landed another Nationals 1/1 patch in this one:


And I was killing some time plugging my latest Carter grabs into the Beckett "My Collections", hit update, and discovered it had now surpassed $20K in BV. Then I added up the N/A priced total and it's at 101 cards that don't book. :dance:

Collection: Jeff Carter

Total Item(s): 1248
Total Value :$21,139.55


Bench Warmer
wow that is a lot of stuff. I think that might be the best player collection ever... much better than that Brunell collection some other guy has.


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holy crap kelly...101 that dont book?...i dont even think i have 50 cards that dont book in my entire collection...

hopefully carter plays well and your investment/mancrush pays off in the long term