1/5 Two-Round Mock


Bench Warmer
Since the first 20 picks are set in stone (save for three coin flips), I figure I'd get another mock up. This time, a two-rounder. Enjoy.

Round 1

1. St. Louis - DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
- Best player in the draft, the most dominant defensive prospect in years. He will be the No. 1 pick, barring anything unforeseen (no matter who picks No. 1).
2. Detroit - DT Gerald McCoy*, Oklahoma
- Detroit could go Morgan or Berry here, but McCoy makes the most sense. They traded Corey Redding to Seattle, so someone will need to take his place.
3. Tampa Bay - DE Derrick Morgan*, Georgia Tech
- Morgan is the best all-around DE in this draft and could get some consideration from the top two teams. Busting (somewhat) on Gaines Adams a few years ago stings, but the Bucs did recoup a second-round pick for him.
4. Washington - OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma St.
- Shanahan could opt of Clausen here, but decides to go with the safest OT in the draft in Okung.
5. Kansas City - S Eric Berry*, Tennessee
- The Chiefs could still go OT here (Davis comes to mind), but Berry is too good a talent to pass up.
6. Seattle - RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
- I still think Spiller sneaks into the top 10 and the Hawks would benefit greatly from this explosive player.
7. Cleveland - CB Joe Haden*, Florida
- Berry was Cleveland's first choice. However, Haden is no slouch. He's the best CB in a CB-weak draft and will fill a void in the Cleveland secondary.
8. Oakland - OT Bruce Campbell*, Maryland
- Odds are Al Davis won't take Campbell, but he makes a ton of sense. It would be the first step to help rebuilding the Raiders' offense.
9. Buffalo - QB Jimmy Clausen*, Notre Dame
- Clausen is probably not worthy of a top 15 pick, but this year is lacking in top QB prospects. Plus, he won't work out at the combine, which could hurt.
10. Jacksonville+ - DE Brandon Graham, Michigan
- The Jags finished with 14 sacks. They grabbed Derrick Harvey and Quinten Groves a couple years ago, but that hasn't helped much. Graham is a guy who knows how to get after the QB.
11. Denver+ (from CHI) - ILB Rolando McClain*, Alabama
- The Broncos, who could go after Dez Bryant, grab a the best LB in the draft who could team up with D.J. Williams to make quite the ILB duo.
12. Miami - WR Dez Bryant*, Oklahoma St.
- Ted Ginn is a great kick returner, but his skills as a receiver are mediocre at best. Bryant has the size and speed to be successful in the NFL.
13. San Francisco - OT Anthony Davis*, Rutgers
- Davis could see his stock rise after the combine, but for now, the Niners would be thrilled to grab him and plug him in at RT.
14. Seattle (from DEN) - OT Bryan Bulaga*, Iowa
- After passing on some of the other OTs, the Hawks land a guy who fits their scheme perfectly. He will replace the future Hall-of-Famer, Walter Jones.
15. N.Y. Giants+ - S Taylor Mays, USC
- Mays plays like a linebacker and has great speed. His coverage skills and overall instincts are the only things that separate him from Eric Berry. However, those are probably the two most important things for a safety.
16. San Francisco+ (from CAR) - QB Ryan Mallett*, Arkansas
- Mallett has a huge arm and is raw. With Alex Smith showing some signs of life, the Niners tab Mallett as their franchise QB, who can sit for a year and learn. This is, if he declares.
17. Tennessee - DE Greg Hardy, Ole Miss
- Hardy would have been a first-rounder last year, so going back to school didn't hurt him. The Titans could have a void at DE, as Kyle Vanden Bosch is a free agent.
18. Pittsburgh+ - OT Charles Brown, USC
- The Steelers need to keep Big Ben upright (third-most sacks allowed in 2009), so they tab Brown as the man to protect the franchise.
19. Atlanta+ - ILB Brandon Spikes, Florida
- Spikes probably fits best in a 3-4 defense, but Atlanta has a big void at OLB, which is where he would play and help the Falcon defense improve.
20. Houston - OG Mike Iupati, Idaho
- Matt Schaub just had a $10M option picked up, so the Texans must continue to protect its investment. Iupati will help to rejuvenate the running game.
21. N.Y. Jets - WR Damian Williams*, USC
- Williams is a lot like a couple of the other Jet receivers, but he is the second-best WR in the draft (with Golden Tate right on his tail). Williams also offers return ability and a familiarity with QB Mark Sanchez.
22. Baltimore - WR Golden Tate*, Notre Dame
- The Ravens have bookend tackles, a potential franchise QB and a solid RB tandem. Now, the WR position needs to be addressed. Tate is a good value pick here. Tight end could also be addressed here.
23. Arizona - DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU
- Hughes is the perfect type of guy for Arizona's hybrid 3-4 defense, as he's versatile enough to play with his hand down or up (pre-combine, of course).
24. Cincinnati - WR Arrelious Benn*, Illinois
- The Bengals need someone opposite of Chad Johnson. Chris Henry was that guy before his life ended prematurely. Benn has all the physical tools to be a great receiver and could benefit from playing alongside Johnson and with Carson Palmer.
25. New England - QB Tim Tebow, Florida
- This is such a New England pick. However, with as arrogant as Bill Belichick is, he's drafting Tebow to be the heir apparent to Tom Brady. But until then, he'll be a jack-of-all-trades guy on offense.
26. Green Bay - RB Jahvid Best*, California
- Best will give the Packers' offense a jolt out of the backfield with his big-play ability.
27. Philadelphia - DE Greg Romeus*, Pittsburgh
- Romeus is a physically imposing figure at the defensive end position and will help give the Eagles an even more dominant pass-rush.
28. Dallas - S Earl Thomas*, Texas
- Some would argue Thomas is just as talented as Berry and Mays. He isn't quite on that level, but he's really good. And the Cowboys have a void in the deep secondary.
29. Minnesota - QB Sam Bradford*, Oklahoma
- Bradford is drafted to be the QB of the future. He'll be able to sit for at least a year behind Brett Favre and learn the NFL game.
30. San Diego - DT Terrence Cody, Alabama
- Jamal Williams went down with season-ending triceps injury early on and won't be in the middle of the Charger defense forever. Cody is the best NT in this draft and the Chargers would be thrilled if he were available at this spot.
31. New Orleans - OLB Travis Lewis*, Oklahoma
- Lewis and Sean Weatherspoon are almost interchangeable, but Lewis wins out, for now. The Saints definitely can draft for defense, as everything seems right on offense.
32. Indianapolis - OT Trent Williams*, Oklahoma
- Williams is talented, yet some see him as just a RT in this league. However, if the Colts think he's good enough to protect Peyton Manning and open up holes in the running game, who are we to argue?

Round 2

33. St. Louis - DE Jason Pierre-Paul*, South Florida
- Pierre-Paul is quite the specimen (6'6, 265) and would give the Rams a much-needed boost at defensive end.
34. Detroit - DE Carlos Dunlap*, Florida
- This guy has top five potential written all over him, except above the shoulders. A DUI allows him to fall to the second, where the Lions grab him to help a porous defense.
35. Tampa Bay - DT Brian Price, UCLA
- Price could definitely shoot up the draft board post-combine, but he sits in the early-second for now. The Bucs would be awfully happy to have him after missing out on Suh.
36. Washington - QB Tony Pike, Cincinnati
- Shanahan is in town and wants his QB of the future. He determined the differences between Clausen and Pike were negligible, so he improves the O-Line in the first and the QB position in the second.
37. Kansas City - DT Dan Williams, Tennessee
- The Chiefs severely lack a nose tackle. They traded away their only legit option in Tank Tyler, so they don't hesitate to grab a guy who compares favorably to Mt. Cody.
38. Seattle - QB Jerrod Johnson*, Texas A&M
- Johnson, like Mallett, is raw and full of potential. He might not even declare. But if he does, Seattle won't hesitate to make him their replacement for Matt Hasselbeck.
39. Cleveland - DE/DT Arthur Jones, Syracuse
- This would be an absolute steal for the Browns, as Jones could be the best 3-4 DE in this draft. As I mentioned before, I had this guy pegged as a top 10 pick before his knee injury.
40. Oakland - DE/OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas
- Now this is an Al Davis-esque pick. Kindle, who probably fits better as a 3-4 OLB, comes in to try to help the Raider defense after a strong showing at the combine.
41. Buffalo - DE Everson Griffen*, USC
- Griffen, at times, showed he was brilliant at USC. However, he couldn't put it together every game. If he could, he'd be a top 15 pick. He'd help Buffalo improve its pass rush.
42. Jacksonville - CB Trevard Lindley, Kentucky
- In a weak cornerback draft, Lindley might not even make it this far. But if he does, the Jags would grab him to help the defense.
43. Tampa Bay (from CHI) - OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
- Weatherspoon is a first-round talent but falls due to lack of need by other teams. He could be the next Derrick Brooks in the Tampa scheme.
44. Miami - ILB Sean Lee, Penn St.
- Miami passed on Spikes in the first but won't pass on another 3-4 ILB. Lee is the perfect fit for the Fins here.
45. San Francisco - DE/OLB Eric Norwood, South Carolina
- Norwood is a guy who can get after the QB, which is something the Niners did surprisingly well in 2009. However, they need more pressure off the edges, which is what he would provide.
46. Denver - TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
- Tight end is always an unknown. Sometimes they go high (Vernon Davis, Tony Gonzalez) and sometimes they don't (Jason Witten, Brent Celek). Gresham's position suffers from his injury, but he's still the best TE in this class. With Tony Scheffler possibly on his way out, Gresham would step in immediately to start.
47. N.Y. Giants - C Kristofer O'Dowd*, USC
- The Giant offensive line took a step back this season, particularly at center. O'Dowd infuses some youth into the middle of the O-Line.
48. Carolina - WR Brandon LaFell, LSU
- LaFell has the size to compliment Steve Smith, but then again, so does Dwayne Jarrett. With no QB worthy of this pick and Matt Moore's late-season surge, the Panthers opt to get some help for the young QB.
49. Tennessee - OLB Navorro Bowman*, Penn St.
- Keith Bulluck went down with a season-ending injury and the Titans are a little old at LB. Bowman would help the Titans get younger and better at the position.
50. Pittsburgh - CB Donovan Warren*, Michigan
- The Steelers need some help in the secondary, and Warren is the guy they call on. He could contend for a starting spot in 2010.
51. Kansas City (from ATL) - DE/OLB Von Miller*, Texas A&M
- The Chiefs' pass-rush improved from last season, but it's still rather weak. Miller is just the type of guy they need to get pressure on the QB, which will help improve the overall defense.
52. Houston - RB Ryan Mathews*, Fresno St.
- A guard in the first and a RB in the second. Both picks will help the Texan offense. Mathews is the perfect guy to team with Steve Slaton, who will look to bounce back after a sophomore slump.
53. N.Y. Jets - DE/DT Jared Odrick, Penn St.
- The Jets' defense is (statistically) the best in the NFL, but could still stand to get younger.
54. Baltimore - DE/OLB Ricky Sapp, Clemson
- Sapp is an edge rusher and could learn from Terrell Suggs, which could strike fear into the hearts of the other AFC North teams.
55. Arizona - OT Joseph Barksdale, LSU
- The Cards' O-Line is definitely not a strong suit and a tackle is needed. Barksdale is the best remaining OT and could contend for a starting spot next season.
56. Cincinnati - OG Mike Johnson, Alabama
- The interior line gets a boost with this pick, which allows the Bengal running game to keep improving.
57. New England - RB Jonathan Dwyer*, Georgia Tech
- The Pats, while needing to get younger on defense, go offense again with this pick. Dwyer has too much value to pass up here, which could help the sometimes absent running game in Chowd town.
58. Green Bay - OT Jason Fox, Miami (FL)
- Aaron Rodgers was sacked 8,456 times this season, so improving at offensive tackle is a must.
59. Philadelphia - RB Toby Gerhart*, Stanford
- Despite drafting LeSean McCoy last year, the Eagles again take a second-round runner in Gerhart. The Heisman runner-up would help to bring some balance to the Eagle running game. Westbrook is fragile and can't be depended on to be an every-down back.
60. Dallas - DE/DT Corey Wootton, Northwestern
- The Cowboys would like to address the OT position here, but there aren't any value picks here. So, they grab one of the better 3-4 DEs in the draft to provide depth.
61. Minnesota - S Nate Allen, South Florida
- I guess Darren Sharper wasn't done after all. Allen would bring youth to the Viking secondary. He could go a lot higher than this pick.
62. San Diego - RB Evan Royster*, Penn St.
- LaDainian Tomlinson is done. Darren Sproles was a fluke. The Chargers need a running back and Royster is their guy.
63. New Orleans - DE Lindsey Witten, Connecticut
- The Saints continue to improve the defense with a speed rusher who can get pressure on the QB.
64. Indianapolis - DT/DE Tyson Alualu, California
- Alualu can play in either scheme (3-4 or 4-3), so he'll provide some bulk at DT for the Colts.///


Damn, this looks somewhat close to one I was putting together. Real good work, Dustin.

Was looking at giving Houston Earl Thomas to put next to Pollard in their secondary. I think they need to make that a strength if they really want to drop the gloves with Indy in the future. Or even as a possibility for the 49ers at 17, then moving Lewis and Roman out for good to pair Thomas with Goldson. I can't read through the typical smoke the 49ers are blowing so far on Smith lately, so they could just get Iupati and an OT and sell the "we run the ball" company line some more.

Have been trying to figure out which way to go with the Jags' pick for a minute or two now. I'm not ruling them out on drafting a safety in the 2nd round, I haven't been too impressed with Reggie Nelson as a whole. Or with Harvey. They've struck out pretty badly on Florida players.

I think Clausen in Buffalo is a potential fit with a new regime coming in. Same scenario as you described with Shanahan in Washington.

KC has a great draft for their needs. Dan Williams is a pretty good value for KC at that point. Getting a legit NT prospect and still fixing their other need at Safety is a big step for them.

Will probably write more, but hate having too much in one post. :lollol:


Dont like the Spiller pick, even though I think he will be a great NFL player. I just dont like taking a RB that high when guys like Mathews and Dwyer could be available later. I like Haden, Campbell, and Clausen for Seattle better at #6.

I loathe the Jerrod Johnson pick and dont see him as good value early round 2.

Hawks have major holes at DE and S and need young talent there. Hawks have no pass rush and no playmaker in the back.


Bench Warmer
Jacksonville needs to stop drafting SEC guys :shifty:

Like seeing Spiller high, but as Seahacla said, taking a RB that high is scary.


Great list. Much better than I could have done. I don't think Tebow goes in the first two rounds, though. Too big of a risk. Also, whoever signs Kyle Boller will cause the QB picks to shake up.