$1 - 10 Card lots, (Rc's, inserts, star players)


Bench Warmer
I'm trying to cut down on my collection so I'm selling 10 card lots for $1. The lots consist of 8 base cards, 1 rookie card, and 1 insert card. Most of the cards are from 1998-2006, a few from the mid 90's. Most of my cards are of star players like MJ, Dirk, Garnett, T-Mac, J.Kidd, Vince, etc. The rookies include players like Tony Parker, Yao Ming, Carmello Anthony, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, Caron Butler, Grant Hill, Michael Redd, Carlos Boozer, along with many others. I'm sure the rookie and insert will already be worth it, I'm just trying to clean up and cut down on base cards. The lots are picked completely at random but if you name a few players you like I will try to include some cards of those players if I have them. S&H is $2, and $1 for each additional lot, up to $10 max. If someone wants to buy in bulk we can work out a better price, and the more you buy the better cards I will try to include. Thank you.