1/1 Printing Plate!!! Break Complete! New Hockey Contest/Giveaway! 2021-2022 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Hobby Box Break Random Team Style Giveaway!


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1/1 Printing Plate:


Live link to the group box break giveaway:

Okay time for another contest/giveaway! Simply reply to this thread to enter the contest. There will be 32 spots, 1 spot per NHL team. So the first 32 members to reply will be entered into this contest. Once all 32 spots are filled I will randomize the list of members names along with the list of NHL teams to pair folks up with a random team and they will receive all of the cards with players from that team that we pull from the box. All members are welcome to join even previous contest winners! Good luck to everybody!


PS also have a few of these hockey extras, two breaker mats and two mini binders that I will randomize off as extra prizes too!


1 - franklinguy52 Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning
2 - Obert22 Colorado Avalanche
3 - prospector9 Minnesota Wild
4 - DaSoxFan Florida Panthers and St. Louis Blues
5 - dad3309@ Pittsburgh Penguins and Calgary Flames
6 - Jhock Philadelphia Flyers
7 - Doopie Winnipeg Jets and Mini Binder
8 - Steelers8873 Los Angeles Kings
9 - Molitor04x San Jose Sharks and Washington Capitals
10 - dlackey Seattle Kraken and Nashville Predators
11 - redwing40 New York Islanders
12 - northicehero99 New York Rangers
13 - bfd13 Carolina Hurricanes
14 - bdink25 Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks
15 - Butch Buddy Anaheim Ducks
16 - kpit1978 Ottawa Senators and Chicago Blackhawks
17 - dragonslayer913 Las Vegas Golden Knights and NHL Breaker Mat
18 - darkman Montreal Canadians and Edmonton Oilers
19 - mcgwirenut Buffalo Sabres and NHL Breaker Mat
20 - Kevin’s son Columbus Blue Jackets
21 - unkilldoo Detroit Red Wings
22 - ricky_mn Arizona Coyotes
23 - AndyDrummond Toronto Maple Leafs
24 - Mike New Jersey Devils and Mini Binder



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