07 UD Premier Baseball


retired hippie
Picked up a box from C.Country at the show here today. Not a bad box but a guy came up right after me & pulled a Cal Ripken auto & a very sweet patch of someone I don't remember.

My box yeilded these -

1st scan

R/C Justin Hampson 49/49

common Buck Leonard 41/99

Premier Stichings Patch
Presidental 1st Pitch IKE, Dwight Eisenhower, 9/10

2nd scan -

Rare Patches Dual
Jeter/Griffery Jr, 31/50

3rd scan -

Premier Remnants, Reggie Jackson, 09/10

4th scan -

Emerging Stars Dual autos, Felix Hernandez/Jered Weaver, 49/49

5th scan -

Hallmarks Auto, Reggie Jackson, 23/47
Not bad! Is UD serious with those "patches" on the Jeter/Griffey though? For a riduculously expensive box, I would think they could do a little better than that :rolleyes:
Bud, the patch was of Chris Carpenter.....why do I remember? No idea, don't even really know who that is:eek:

Anyways, great seeing you at the show today!