07 threads Lot FT/FS


Mr-Nutt the Veteran
gridiron king pro shawne merriman
gridiron kings colege lendale white
dynasty parralell insert chiefs gonzalez/johnson/green 059/100
ray lewis 193/250
cedric benson 186/250
warrick dunn 073/250
torry holt 001/100
marcedes lewis 044/100
maurice jones drew 24/50
ahman green 39/50
rookie parralells
derek stanley 423/999
tymerre zimmerman 856/999
levi brown 239/250
tyler thigpen 433/999
eric wright 220/250
tim crowder 009/250
david harris 328/999
tank tyler 088/250
earl everett 20/50
quentin moses 147/999
fred bennett 003/100
amobi okoye 145/999
levi brown 123/999

looking to trade as a lot, looking only for rookies (not press pass or sage) of cards i collect or game useds, or something i would keep. I WILL IGNORE YOUR RESPONSE IF YOU TRY AND TRADE FOR 1 CARD....
I will consider selling if the offers realistic..