07 Sage Hit break



I wasn't planning on busting any wax at the show today, especially after I dropped 160 bucks on singles, but Rob (CommodoreCountry) was in the middle of a price war with another table at the show, and the prices were too good to pass up. So I snagged a box of Sage Hit for $57, and Aspire for $58.

Just finished openning the Hit box...


Jared Zabransky Gold auto 186/250
Isiah Stanback Silver auto (keeper)
Kolby Smith auto
Lawrence Timmons auto
Troy Smith Write Stuff
Kevin Kolb Write Stuff


Adam Carriker Playmakers Gold auto 87/100
Kenny Irons jersey
Adrian Peterson Draft Diary College Recap
Adrian Peterson Playmakers Silver

The rest of the inserts...

Playmakers Silver
Jarvis Moss
Sidney Rice
Brian Leonard
Levi Brown
Drew Stanton

Robert Meachem (keeper)
Jared Zabransky
JaMarcus Russell
Paul Williams (keeper)
Jordan Palmer
Kevin Kolb
Leon Hall
Joel Filani (keeper)
Brady Quinn
Chris Leak
Darius Walker
Sidney Rice
Chris Henry (keeper)
Jeff Rowe
Kenny Irons

Not too bad, but my one complaint is that with all the dupes, I only pulled one base card each of all the Titans. So if anyone has extra Joel Filani, Chris Henry, Vince Young, Michael Griffin, or Paul Williams, I need them. Training camp is three weeks away, and I need to stock up on base RCs for autographs!!!
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Bench Warmer
Nice ADs. I think I know where they would have a good home. The next show I can make I will LYK and we can swap some stuff. I have gathered quite a few things for ya. Later mike