02 Fleer Showcase, ? about different Versions


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Hi Folks, I'm trying to price out a few cards and need a little help.
Anyone here know about the different versions in 2002 Fleer Showcase?

Beckett OPG only shows 3 versions but I've got more.
OPG Lists -
Base (commons),
Legacy (serial #'d to 100),
Masterpiece ( 1/1's I think)

The ones I'm most curious about are the ones that say "AVANTCARD" on top. These look like an art card and are framed. On the back of the gold one it does have "Legacy Collection" and is numbered to 100 like the regular Legacy cards, but I can't find any info on a AVANTCARD version in Beckett's OPG info.

From Top to Bottom here are the different types other than commons I have, these are I think all different versions of the Commons.
1st Row
Silver Border, AVANTCARD version, non serial #
Gold Border, AVANTCARD version, Legacy Version, #'d to 100

2nd Row
Silver Border?, #'d to 1500
Bronze border?, AVANTCARD version, Serial #'d to 500

3rd row
Gold Border, #'d to 100, Legacy Version, #'d to 100


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These aren't parallels. Stars and rookies in the regular Showcase set were "giclees" that Fleer trumped up for a few years. In the OPG, you'll see an "AC" designation next to the player's name for those whose cards are Avant Cards, which featured the giclee technology.