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  1. Taliasen

    PSA books for sale

    I have several hard cover copies of the books “Collecting Sports Legends - The Ultimate Hobby Guide,” and “The Cracker Jack Collection” for sale. ISBN 978-1-933990-21-7 MSRP $34.95, and ISBN 978-1-931807-24-1 MSRP $30.00 respectively. Again I have multiple copies of these books still BRAND NEW...
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    New Member

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    What are you listening to?

    I may or may not have started listening to Christmas music already. Yes, I am one of those people and I love TSO!
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    Trading Looking for 2020 Allen and Ginter

    Did you pull any Rickey Henderson or Sean Casey cards?
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    Selling Inherited my grandpas card shop inventory and don’t collect

    Interested in the 1980 Rickey Henderson card. The very first image.
  7. Taliasen

    Baseball Official Baseball Group Break Club - June 2020

    I don’t have a dog in the fight. However, for anyone that might get a Rickey Henderson card (probably with the A’s) please consider trading with me!
  8. Taliasen

    SportsCollectorsDaily What I Collect: Rickey Henderson… and Baseball Card Memories

    No and pffft. 1800+ different? 75+ relic? Bush league! 😜 Not saying I have the biggest Henderson collection in the world. I know of and traded with 5 guys with more Rickeys then me me, but maybe I should be interviewed for the next article!
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    New here

    Welcome to the club!
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    2020 National Sports Collectors Convention Postponed to December

    The more I think about this. Going to the national has been one of my bucket list items for years. The other is going to Cooperstown. I really want to start planning for/making the Chicago thing happen next year.
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    Another newbie from The Bench!

    Welcome Jason!
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    New member from the Bench site!

    Welcome David!
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    Welcome Members from The Bench

    Welcome to all Bench members!
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    metsman1986 here....

    Welcome to the club!
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    Post and Win III

    I would like to give my prize back to the contest. Please Offer the choice of card to the runner up and then to third place.
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    Advertising on SCC

    Mo money!
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    I love Net54! I learned so much about my vintage wolf cards from the site!
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    1900 Wills's Animals of the World - HOLY GRAIL!

    Most of them do not have any dates. A few of them are not even have the cards numbered within the set! Most of the research was visual comparison against catalogs and folios. I also have pdf scans of specific sets/pages from non-sports price guides and checklists from Australia and the UK...
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    1900 Wills's Animals of the World - HOLY GRAIL!

    1922, 1923 and a 1916 currently at psa.
  20. Taliasen

    1900 Wills's Animals of the World - HOLY GRAIL!

    1900, 1900 playing card and 1922 cards. The Adkins card from 1922 had a very different back with text about wolves. I actually have another card with the same pic of a wolf from 1906 currently at PSA getting graded.