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  1. LarryG

    💥$58 to go! 2023 Topps Chrome Update Baseball 3 Hobby Box Team Auction Style Group Half Case Break #2

    Arizona Diamondbacks $18 Chicago Cubs $6 Milwaukee Brewers $6 Atlanta Braves $15 Miami Marlins $6 Texas Rangers $11 Cleveland Guardians $7 Detroit Tigers $8 Boston Red Sox $16
  2. LarryG

    ⚾️ Just Listed! SCC Baseball Group Break Club - December 2023

    I'll keep the Rays, drop the Rockies and put my name in the random for Cardinals.
  3. LarryG

    **Complete** - Auction Group Hobby/Mega Style - 2023 Archives Hobby/2023 Holiday Mega/2022 Snapshot Mini/2022 Donruss Hanger

    Nice break. I love the autos that have been showing up in the Archives boxes. Not your usual stuff. Good to see.
  4. LarryG

    WTTF 23 Topps Update

    Great, David. Trade is posted. Thanks
  5. LarryG

    WTTF 23 Topps Update

    Thanks, David. How about I send you these: 2023 Topps Update base: 72 ($0.60), 81 ($0.40), 230 ($0.40), 274 ($0.50) 2023 Topps Series 1 - T88-22 ($2.50) 2023 Topps Series 2 - 2T88-6 ($1.50) and 2T88-11 ($1.50) 2023 Topps Update - 88US-18 ($1.50) 2023 Topps Update - Action Stars Judge - AS-15...
  6. LarryG

    WTTF 23 Topps Update

    I have: 2023 Topps Update base: 72, 81, 230, 274 (all different from David K.'s offer) I would trade them for these 4 Big League Base: : 16, 60, 93, 121. If you want to enlarge the trade, I also have: 2023 Topps Series 1 - T88-22 2023 Topps Series 2 - 2T88-6 and 2T88-11 2023 Topps Update -...
  7. LarryG

    🦃 Break will be on Friday at 4pm PT! FULL! Pun Intended! Happy Thanksgiving! FREE Group Box Break!

    I gotta say Turkey with gravy, only day I have it all year. I'd love the Yankees in this one. Thanks for doing this and enjoy the day!
  8. LarryG

    Why do I get an alert on some else thread?

    Hi David, the default is that you automatically "watch" a thread after you post in it. If you "unwatch" it (on right side, near top when you are in the thread on a computer or at top in middle on phone), you won't get notifications from that thread. I think you can also change this in your...
  9. LarryG

    Fun Fact for Today's Lions-Packers Game

    Fun fact to share with your family and friends today: Since the AFL/NFL merger, the Detroit Lions are 0-12 (.000) on Thanksgiving when the moon is in a waxing gibbous phase. Today the moon is in a waxing gibbous phase. I wish I knew that before I picked them in the pick the winners thread.
  10. LarryG

    We have a winner! Foulterritorycards!! Thanksgiving Contest!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Put me in for #2 today.